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A Constant State Of Falling Over

requires *all* the dragons...

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It's not that easy, bein' the-second-needsmoregreen-to-make-a-Dreamwidth-in-the-space-of-two-weeks...

I'm Green, but most people here call me Emily or Em. (or 'SPAG Ninja', but that takes longer to explain...) I also answer to Needsmoredragons now.

16, Australian but a pseudo-British ninja. Likes words.

Enjoys candlelit surgery, sun-explosions and long flying lessons on the beach. Sometimes I dress like John Watson without the manliness, and feel like Sherlock Holmes without the genius. Mostly I'd like to dress like Blaine Anderson, and feel like him on most days, too.

My brain is full of various shades of green, France, wispy musical trills hummed over battlefields, gay love and the little man that narrates my life for me. I often cry about... well, everything.

Migrated here from because of reasons.

... I hang out in a lot of places.
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